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Linda and I attended the Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph in Dresden on Sunday. It was a chilly, windy day (been there in much worse weather) but my heart was warmed at the sight of so many people (my guess, 300 +) present for the service. As we stood there remembering the veterans who paid the ultimate price – sacrificing their lives – and those vets who returned but whose lives were forever changed by the atrocities of war, I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering back some odd 35 years ago. The services I thought about were in addition to the ones at the cenotaph. They were held at the High School auditorium. It was a time when the churches of the community came together in an act of solidarity to honour the veterans of our community. Perhaps you have heard the phrase that the young men and women joined the armed forces “to serve God and country.” There is no more honourable service than that! That is the reason that it was so important for the Christian community to come together as the Body of Christ to honour the vets in a community wide service. It is a shame that we cannot sacrifice one Sunday in November to close our churches to gather together in one place to worship God and to honour the veterans of our community who sacrificed so much. Because of their sacrifice, we have the freedoms that we have today.

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Tom DeBurger

THROWBACK THURSDAY presents a photo of the very first Dresden JR Kings Hockey Team. that was established, played and managed by this group of amazing athletes and community sports leaders. The hockey year was 1960-1961. The picture was supplied to me by lifelong Dresdenite Don Ellis who was part of Jr. Kings team and is in this photo. BACK ROW L-R, Vaughn (Tic) Hooper. Gary Ross, Dave Lindsay, Reg Higgs, Don Ellis, Robert Blackburn, Larry Ennett, Dennis Lindsay, Art Martin, Keith Babcock, Albert Plouffe. FRONT ROW L to R, Bill Edwards, Jim Peters, Jim Maynard, George (JR) Ellis, Del Gough, Ken Mathews, Pete Sisler. FRONT: Brian (Hammer Johnson). Special thanks to Don Ellis who made this photo available to me and also for naming the names of those shown here.





 Councillor Ward 4 North Kent



 I'm Joe Faas and I'm running for a 5th term as Ward 4 Councillor and I need your vote. Approximately one-third of present-day councillors won't be returning in 2019 and I believe that my experience will still be needed around the council table. If re-elected my top priorities will be to ensure that infrastructure budgets strive to be at 100% funded and that economic development remains top of mind as we invite new industry and business to our community while working to maintain what we already have. 

    "Dresden and ward 4 residents are extremely important to me and I very much enjoy helping to solve problems and concerns they may have," noted Councillor Faas.  

 Vote for Experience *Vote to Re-Elect Joe Faas Ward 4 Councillor North Kent 

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Babcock Jewellers in Downtown Dresden are celebrating 65 years in business. The business was founded by Walter Babcock in 1953 and was located in a small space located across the street from the present day location. Years later Walter's son Brent, returned to his home and bought the business and took over management of the jewellery store.

The Chatham Voice published a question and answer session with Jamie McGrail a North Kent Ward 4 candidate for councillor. We re-publish the Voice profile so that you may become better acquainted with McGrail.


As an active citizen and business person in Chatham-Kent, I am putting my name forward as a candidate for the office of Municipal Councilor representing North Kent. I have a lifetime’s experience of living, learning, working and playing in Chatham-Kent, and I wish to contribute even more to my community.

As the Integrated Solutions Manager of McGrail Farm Equipment, a successful dealership within the John Deere family of companies, I have developed the skills needed to create and grow a successful product line. For over 14years, I have gained experience with establishing new business ideas, problem-solving and finding creative solutions for positive results. I have worked to create partnerships with business and government.

I have long volunteered within Chatham-Kent and farther afield. Participating in municipal boards, notably as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, has helped me to understand the politics within our municipality. I have also learned much about the human needs of our community’s families and individuals in my role as a member of the Board of Directors of the Chatham-Kent United Way.

I am a strong believer in the people and businesses of Chatham-Kent.


  1. Do you support increasing funding for infrastructure given the fact several culverts and bridges – including the Third Street Bridge – have had emergency issues and closures recently?

Yes, there are many issues outside of Chatham, in rural areas, that need to be addressed. We have elderly citizens injuring themselves while walking on roads in Dresden. The “washboard dirt roads” makes losing control of your vehicle all too often a reality. We need to ensure safe roadways for all to use. Its time to address our issues in the outer part of our Municipality.

  1. Would you support a tax freeze or rollback if it meant reduced staff and/or services?

Yes. Only if social services were protected and not part of the cutting board. We need to maintain a level of services in all of Chatham-Kent that is safe to all reaching areas.

  1. Would you support shifting some services to the private sector if those services could be done more efficiently that way?

Yes. This would need to be on a per bases scenario.

  1. Do you believe we need a municipal ombudsman or ethics commissioner?

No. Not on a full-time basis.

  1. Do you support investigating a reduction in the number of council members?

Yes. Only if this review has not already been thoroughly investigated within the last few years.

  1. Should the municipality try to land an Ontario Cannabis Store as soon as possible?

No. We need to sit back and learn from others.

  1. Should council be more proactive in terms of working with landowners with contaminated wells?


  1. Some critics say the municipal building department is an impediment to development in C-K. Do you agree?

No. We need to ensure proper management and execution that gives fairness to all.

  1. Do you believe Chatham needs a new twin-pad arena?

Yes. But we also need to investigate saving an arena that would become decommissioned because of the twin pad arena.

  1. Should the municipality cut back on its expenditures for overseas economic development efforts?


  1. Should municipal councilors ever be forced to go the Freedom of Information route when seeking municipal information?

No. Councilors should have full disclosure as they are voted representatives of the community.

  1. Should members of the public have more access to municipal information without having to resort to an FOI?

No. With this said, each request needs assessment on an individual basis. There are many types of questions and therefore a blanket yes or no is not realistic.