New decade brings name change with The Leader Post

The Leader Post for News-Views-Attitude and Advertising Online Media

CKBizLinks is celebrating a new decade with a name change and a course direction for the thousands who follow us in this space or on our other social media channels as well as your updated website.

A new look and feel are being introduced to provide clarity to what we do and what we think.

With that being said CKBizLinks will now become The Leader Post. The Leader part of the new name is a tip of the hat to my former company known as Leader Publications Ltd which operated newspapers with distribution across Southwestern Ontario. We sold the company and have since refocused our attention to digital publishing.

The Leader Post will continue to support their shop local, buy local and think local advertising system which is designed to stimulate the local economy by showcasing the spectacular products and services that local small businesses have to offer and to provide a single simple solution for all your local shopping needs.

Our posts will be a combination of original content, as well as the re-posting of significant or just plain interesting stories and photos from local print and broadcast media, also regional, provincial and national news outlooks.

We hope you will comfortably engage with the newly enhanced...

The Leader Post.

Ted Misselbrook